Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to rent a bike or other accessories?

Here we answer our most frequently asked questions. We want to help!

  • What is required to rent a bike or other accessories?

To rent a bike or accessories you need to make your reservation through When picking up your bike, you must present your Passport or other ID and sign a rental contract, taking responsibility for the equipment.

  • Can a minor rent a bike?

No, minors are not able to rent bikes or equipment unless they are accompanied by an adult, who acts as the responsible, or unless they bring a signed authorisation from their parents.

  • Is there insurance available?

Each store has a civil liability insurance policy. This covers damage to the store’s equipment, but not personal injury or theft. Each store is responsible for managing and offering their own insurance policy.

  • What happens if the bicycle breaks?

The shop where the bike was rented may charge you for damage done to the bike, according to their contract conditions.

  • What happens if my bicycle or accessories are stolen?

Each store will give you the option to secure the bicycle against theft. If the client chooses to forego this option, they themselves are responsible for the bicycle and so, in the case of any theft, they must reimburse the store for the price of the stolen equipment.

  • Can I reserve a bike for someone else?

Yes, so long as said person meets all requirements. You just need to enter their information when making the reservation.

  • Which information is the most important when choosing a bicycle or accessories?


Type of bike you are looking for and number of bicycles required

Bike size

  • If a store does not have all the bikes I want, can I rent bikes from different stores on the same dates?

You can rent all the bikes you need from one or more stores at the same time.

  • Will I get special discounts if I rent more than one bike or accessory?

For regular customers, different promotional actions and special discounts will be offered throughout the year.

  • Can I collect the bike from one point (a store in one city) and return it to another point (another store in a different city)?

The usual method is to reserve and collect the bike from one point and return it to the same point, but if you need to return your bicycle to a different point/city from where you collected it, please contact us at